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COVID News and Information

COVID Plans:

· CACS Head Start COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

· CACS Child Care COVID Response and Preparedness Plan

· Process for Reporting COVID

Screening Forms:

· Employee and Visitor Screen for Open Child Care Sites

· Employee and Visitor Screen for Workplaces

· Child Daily COVID Screen

Site Postings:

· Stay Safe Wear a Mask

· Mask Exceptions Poster

· CDC Wash Your Hands Poster

· Marana Group Posters (contact the health team to schedule an appointment for health supplies)


· MDHHS Epidemic Orders

· COVID Supplies Request Form for Head Start Sites

· CACS COVID Screening Usage and Storage Procedure

· How to Store and Wash Masks

· LARA’s Guidelines for Opening Child Care Sites

· LARA’s Quick Reference for Masks

· LARA’s Quick Reference for Reporting COVID

· LARA’s Quick Reference for Monitoring Symptoms

· 3 Key Steps to Take While Waiting for Your COVID-19 Test Result 

· MDHHS When is it Safe to Leave Home 

· CDC What You Should Know About COVID

· CDC Stop the Spread of Germs

· CDC Symptoms of COVID


Information from the Local Health Departments

Ingham County

·         If you Test Positive for COVID-19 for Ingham County Residents

·         Process for Reporting COVID-19 at Work for Ingham County Worksites

·         Workplace Facts for Ingham County Sites

·         Could I have a COVID-19, Cold or Flu for Ingham County

·         COVID-19- Scenarios for Ingham County 

·         Ingham County COVID Vaccine Interest Form 

Eaton County

·         If you Test Positive for COVID-19 for Eaton County Residents

·         Guidance for After you Were Tested for Eaton County Residents

·         COVID-19 Scenarios for Eaton County

·         Eaton County COVID Vaccine Website

·         Eaton County COVID Vaccine Interest Form

Clinton County

·         What to Do If You Test Positive COVID for Clinton County Residents

·         Workplace Toolkit for Clinton County Sites

·         Clinton County COVID Vaccine Website

·         Clinton County COVID Vaccine Sign-up (for those in the priority groups who are currently eligible to receive the vaccine; refer to the Mid-Michigan District Health Department for more information)

Shiawassee County

·         If you Test Positive for COVID-19 for Shiawassee County Residents

·         Shiawassee County COVID Vaccine Website


Vaccine Information

·         How do I get the COVID Vaccine?

·         Where Can I get the COVID Vaccine?

·         Fact Sheet for the Pfizer Vaccine

·         Fact Sheet for the Moderna Vaccine

·         Fact Sheet for the Janssen Vaccine

·         COVID Vaccine Development from the Ingham County Health Department

·         What to Expect When you Get the COVID Vaccine

·         Who Will Get the Vaccine First

·         Approved Vaccines

·         Michigan COVID Vaccine Website


Coping with COVID

·         Encompass Services - support for employees 1-800-788-8630

·         Coping with COVID Stress

·         Free Mental Health Resources

·         Coping Calendar

·         Coping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks

·         Indoor Nourishing Activities

·         Manage Stress Workbook


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